Apply for Dynamic OLAT Dataset


Download and read LICENSE AGREEMENT, confirming that all the terms are agreed. Then scan the signed license agreement to pdf. Electronic signature is allowed, which is turning the handwritten signature into a picture to be placed on the agreement.


Send the an e-mail to We recommend to apply using a *.edu E-mail, which is more likely to be authorized. You can refer to the following template for Email content:
Subject: Application of Dynamic OLAT Dataset
Content Template:
Applicant: __________ 
Occupation: __________
Institution: __________
Purpose of Usage: __________
Your Scholar website: __________
Your GMAIL Address: __________
Attachment -- Scanned of license agreement with signature
Optional We recommend to attach a brief resume or personal page URL to help us identify you. If we cannot identify you as a professor or researcher, the application may be ignored.
Note We find that many of our replies are mislabeled as spam, so if you don't get a response more than 24 hours after sending the request on a working day, please check the spam box just in case. The Gmail Address should be correct since we will open the google drive link for that account if the application been approved.


We are obtaining agreements from volunteers involved in dynamic OLAT dataset, and the dataset will be updated from time to time. Only data with volunteers' agreements will be provided.